Pratima Hakke

Trademark & Copyright Associate

Pratima is a Trademark and Copyright Associate at Stratjuris Law Partners. She is a law graduate from ILS Law College, Pune.  She has completed a Diploma in Corporate Law from ILS Law College, Pune. She is also a member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.

Pratima brings two years of experience in Intellectual Property Law from her previous role as an IP Associate. During her tenure, she assisted both domestic and international clients with all aspects of trademark protection and prosecution.  She has handled trademark portfolios for clients from various industries including Food & Beverage, Fashion, and Finance.  Further, she has worked on drafting cease and desist notices, trademark infringement suits, and drafting invalidation documents targeting international trademarks in the UK.

Her area of practice further extends to conducting trademark searches in national and international jurisdictions, preparing trademark availability reports, trademark filing, and prosecution, identifying trademark infringement, and handling opposition and rectification matters.  She regularly appears before the Trade Marks Registry for hearings.

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