Currently, due to an escalation in the opportunities, especially in the digital domain, diverse avenues of generating profits are feasibly available to the creators. We, at Stratjuris Law Partners recognize the importance of fortifying and effectively managing any creative work to maximally capitalize it.

Our team of highly experienced copyright attorneys are adept at providing end-to-end value-added/quality copyright services to diverse range of clientele. Our comprehensive understanding of copyright law and business management associated thereto aids in efficiently registering any creative work and boosting its market valuation. Our expertise lies in adhering to strict timelines while also supplying following high-quality services to propel your organization’s competitive curve.

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Litigation Support Services

Copyright litigation refers to the legal process of resolving disputes related to copyright infringement through the court system. Our team expertise in:

  • Identifying Infringement: evaluating potential instances of copyright infringement. This could involve unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or public display of copyrighted material.
  • Cease and Desist Letter: Before initiating legal action, providing a cease-and-desist letter to the alleged infringer. This letter typically demands the infringing activity to stop and may include a request for compensation or other remedies.
  • Assessing legal strategy: assessing the strength of the case, evaluating potential damages, and determining appropriate legal strategy.
  • Filing a Lawsuit: If a resolution is not reached through negotiation or the alleged infringement continues, ensuring filing of a lawsuit in a relevant court. This is typically done in the jurisdiction where the alleged infringement took place.
  • Response from Defendant: The defendant, in response to the summons, files an answer to the complaint. Evaluating the situation, and drafting response along with available legal defences.
  • Pretrial Motions: Drafting  pretrial motions to address legal issues before the trial. This could include motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, or other requests for the court to make decisions on specific legal points.
  • Settlement Negotiations: Providing support to ensure effective, and efficient settlement negotiations. Many copyright cases are resolved through settlements before reaching trial.
  • Trial: If a settlement is not reached, the case proceeds to trial. Presenting arguments, evidence, and witnesses to the court on behalf of a client.
  • Remedies: Securing remedies by means of injunctions to stop infringing activity, damages, and legal fees
  • Appeals (If Applicable): Either party may choose to appeal the judgment if they believe there were errors in legal proceedings or if they are dissatisfied with the outcome. Providing and prosecuting appeals on behalf of the client.  
  • Appearing in any court, and providing expert support/expert opinion(s) on ongoing trials.

Time duration: 5-10 working days as per requirement.


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