About Our Firm

Stratjuris Law Partners is an Indian Law firm that specializes in the practice of Intellectual Property Law. The experienced attorneys and associates working with the firm demonstrate a deep understanding of the Intellectual Property Law domain and stay updated on changes in law.

Headquartered in the industrial city of Pune (Western India), Stratjuris has emerged out as a go-to Indian law firm for domestic clients, that represent more than 70% of Firm’s clientele.

Stratjuris Law Partners has a client centric approach that involves understanding the client’s needs, providing personalized attention, and working towards achieving the best possible outcomes for its clients.


Operational Excellence

The firm has seamlessly created large IP portfolios for Indian and Overseas IP filers. The firm’s patent attorneys have experience in drafting and prosecuting patents in numerous tech domains including Chemical, Food Tech, Telecom, Software, Defence and Automobile. It worth mentioning that the firm is heavily engaged in drafting, prosecuting and analysis of Electric Mobility domain patents. The firm has substantial Patent Opposition (Pre and Post Grant) experience on behalf of both patent owners and opponents that are challenging patents.

The firm’s trademark and design practice assist all categories of clients with filing and prosecution, opinions and handling of other issues before the Indian Intellectual Property offices. Recently, the firm was able to secure “Well Known Trademark” status several consumer brands under the newly introduced provision for recognition of well-known trademarks under the Indian Trademark rules.


To File One Million IP Applications for Technology Led Enterprises.

The energies of the Indian Tech ecosystem and Stratjuris united to bring about a change that continues to resonate.


To Empower the Indian Technology Industry with IP Assets

Stratjuris was founded by Vithika Sharma and Priyank Gupta along with Co-founder Abhijeet Gidde in 2015. Shortly thereafter, in 2016, the Central Government of India implemented several reforms, overhauling the Intellectual Property Offices and introducing a scheme for startups that enabled them to secure IP at an accelerated pace.

Pro Bono

Stratjuris Law Partners recognize the importance of volunteering/providing their value-added services towards protecting critical IP and improving access to justice for every person/organization. Our team dedicatedly performs pro bono activities such as carrying out IP registrations, providing legal aid, and rendering legal opinions to universities, startups, NGOs, etc. and envisions to achieve a significant change in India with respect to Intellectual Property.

Social media awareness on Intellectual Property Rights

Joining Regional and National campaigns for IP & legal reforms

Rendering our services to Innovators with limited means

Our Achievements

It is a widely acknowledged fact that Stratjuris Law Partners is one of the fastest expanding Law firms in India. Some of our achievements are as follows:

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