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Administrative Actions and Raids (In India and Overseas)

Intellectual property (IP) administrative actions and raids typically refer to efforts by government authorities and law enforcement agencies to enforce and protect intellectual property rights. The goal of such actions is to prevent infringement, counterfeiting, and unauthorized use of these valuable assets. We help in evaluating IP infringements and initiating quick enforcements in the following form to contain damages within client curated jurisdictions:

✔ Trademark Raids: Conducting raids to seize counterfeit goods that infringe on registered trademarks. This often involves targeting manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of fake products.
✔ Copyright Enforcement Actions: Conducting actions against copyright infringement, targeting entities that reproduce, distribute, or sell copyrighted material without authorization.
✔ Patent Enforcement: Conducting investigation and acting against those who violate patent rights, such as manufacturing or selling patented products without the patent owner’s consent.
✔ Trade Secret Protection: Taking administrative actions to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of trade secrets. This could involve legal measures against employees or competitors who gain access to and misuse proprietary information.
✔ Customs and Border Protection: Playing a crucial role in preventing the import and export of counterfeit goods. They may inspect shipments and seize products that violate intellectual property rights.
✔ Online Enforcement: Collaborating with online platforms to combat digital piracy and counterfeiting. This includes taking down infringing websites, removing counterfeit listings on e-commerce platforms, and pursuing legal action against online offenders.
✔ Civil/Criminal Litigation: Initiating civil lawsuits to protect IP rights, seeking damages, injunctions, or other legal remedies.

Time duration: 7-14 working days as per requirement.

IP Valuation / Audits

Intellectual property (IP) valuation and audits are crucial processes for businesses to understand, protect, and leverage their intangible assets. We understand that both, IP valuation and audits are ongoing processes that require regular updates, especially as business landscapes and technologies evolve. We assist in:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation:
    IP valuation is the process of determining the monetary value of intellectual property assets owned by a business or individual.
    ✔ Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):
    Valuation is essential during mergers, acquisitions, or sales of companies to assess the value of IP portfolios.
    ✔ Financial Reporting: Companies may need to include the value of their IP in financial statements.
    ✔ Licensing and Royalties: Determining the value of IP for licensing agreements or royalty negotiations.
    ✔ Litigation: In legal disputes, valuing IP is necessary for assessing damages.

    We provide support in IP valuation through:

      • Cost-Based Approach: Estimating the cost of creating or replacing the IP.

      • Market-Based Approach: Comparing the IP to similar assets in the market.

      • Income-Based Approach: Considering the income generated by the IP over its lifetime.

           Time duration: 7-14 working days as per requirement.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Audits:
    IP audits involve a systematic review of a Firm’s IP assets, policies, and procedures.
    ✔ Risk Mitigation: Identifying potential risks related to IP ownership, infringement, or mismanagement.
    ✔ Portfolio Management: Assessing the strength, value, and relevance of existing IP assets.
    ✔ Compliance: Ensuring that the Firm complies with IP laws and regulations.
    Strategy Development: Formulating strategies for maximizing the value of IP assets.

          We provide support in IP valuation through:

    • Identification: Cataloguing all IP assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
    • Evaluation: Assessing the strength, relevance, and potential risks associated with each asset.
    • Documentation: Ensuring that all IP-related documentation is in order.
    • Recommendations: Providing recommendations for improving IP management and protection.


    • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating potential legal and financial risks.
    • Cost Savings: Eliminating unnecessary or redundant IP assets.
    • Strategic Planning: Developing strategies for leveraging and protecting valuable IP.

          Time duration: 7-14 working days as per requirement.

IP Training/ Awareness Programs

We understand that by integrating IP training and awareness into the organizational and educational culture,  risk of IP infringement can be reduced, innovation can be enhanced, and competitive advantage in the marketplace can be protected. We are associated with numerous corporations, and educational institutions, wherein we facilitate our experts to routinely undertake IP awareness sessions to highlight the importance of IP rights and encourage innovations.

✔ We facilitate IP training through:
Curating modules as per the departments/domains of the audience and their involvement in intellectual property, and providing training accordingly.

  • Introduction to IP: Basics of IP, and IPR.
  • Firm-specific IP: Details about the organization’s specific IP assets/prospective innovations and their importance.
  • Educational department specific IP: Details about the department’s specific IP assets/prospective innovations and their importance.
  • IP Laws and Regulations: Understanding relevant national and international IP laws.
  • IP Policies: Familiarity with the Firm’s policies on IP protection and use.
  • Modes of Training:
    • In-Person Workshops: Engaging audience through interactive sessions.
    • Online Courses: Developing e-learning modules for flexibility and scalability.
    • Printed Materials: Distributing brochures, manuals, or handouts for quick reference.
  • Interactive Elements:
    • Case Studies: Real-world examples of IP successes and failures.
    • Quizzes and Assessments: Evaluate understanding and retention of key concepts.
    • Role-Playing Exercises: Simulate scenarios to reinforce learning.

✔ We facilitate IP awareness through:

  • Internal Communications: Using newsletters, intranet, and Firm-wide emails to share information about IP.
  • Meetings and Seminars: Incorporating IP awareness discussions into regular team or Firm-wide meetings.
  • Social Media: Leveraging platforms to share quick tips and updates on IP protection.
  • Leadership Support: Encouraging executives to communicate the importance of IP protection and set an example for compliance.
  • Visual Aids: Using posters, infographics, and other visual aids to reinforce key messages about IP.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Recognizing and rewarding employees who contribute to IP protection efforts.
  • Legal and Ethical Implications: Emphasizing the legal and ethical aspects of  valuing intellectual property rights.
  • External Stakeholders: Extending awareness efforts to suppliers, partners, and customers to foster a culture of IP protection throughout the supply chain.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Helping to establish a system for employees to ask questions or report concerns related to IP.
  • Measuring Impact: Assessing the effectiveness of training and awareness initiatives through surveys, feedback, and metrics related to IP compliance.
  • The Partners of the firm represent Indian and Overseas clients at District Courts and High Courts throughout the country and have extensive experience litigating all types of IP claims, including Patent, Trademark and copyright infringement, passing off, trade secret misappropriation and contractual disputes.
  • The firm has successfully helped its clients in handling IP-related cases throughout the including Six Patent Infringement suits in Germany and Trade Secrets dispute in USA. The firm has also assisted client in Trademark infringement and passing off matters in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, UAE, Djibouti, Mozambique and Yemen.


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