Arya Bhandarkar

IP Associate 

Arya is an IP associate at Stratjuris Law Partners. She has completed her bachelor’s degree of BA.LLB and is a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. She has extensive knowledge in the field of Intellectual Property Law. She also has effective knowledge in Legal disputes, compliance, client handling, legal research and court proceedings. 

Arya’s role involves providing comprehensive support to the IP filing team in the matters pertaining to Patents and designs. Arya is dedicated to managing the intricate process of drafting and filing patent applications to secure intellectual property rights for our clients. Arya’s role involves collaborating closely with the inventors, patent agents, and attorneys to ensure the timely and accurate preparation, submission, and prosecution of patent applications.

With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, she is committed to helping our clients protect their valuable intellectual property assets and achieve their business objectives in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.


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