Musharaf Khan

Managing Associate

Musharaf is a Managing Associate at the firm. She has pursued her Bachelor’s in law followed by Master’s in law with a specialization in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from University of Mumbai. Prior to joining the firm in 2019, Musharaf was working with Infosys BPM Ltd., as a Legal Analyst and has an experience of several years in the IP practice of one of India’s major law firms.

She has single-handedly advised 100+ start-up clients from diverse background including Pharmaceutical, Information technology, Travel Industry, Consumer goods manufacturers and many more, on all aspects of their brands, their protection and management including registration, oppositions, and enforcement, in India and internationally.

Musharaf’s current core focus area is overseeing management of large trademark portfolios, handling international prosecution and trademark litigations, cross border trademark dispute, and custom recordals. In addition to being a well-rounded trademark lawyer, Musharaf also has an experience in copyright and design.

Musharaf is appreciated by various clients for being highly efficient and her quick turnaround time.

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