Maitreyee Ranade

Managing Associate

Maitreyee is Managing Associate responsible for handling a team of chemical sciences experts. She is a Registered Patent Agent (IN/PA-4747) having more than 5 years of experience in the intellectual property domain and focused in patent research, prosecution, and litigation matters. She has completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry (SPPU, Pune) and Master of Science degree in Medicinal Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, SPPU, Pune). She is also a holder of MBA (Operations Management) from ICFAI, and a Diploma in Industrial Safety from NILEM. She also has years of experience in working in research publication (NPL) field.

She has vastly worked in various IPR domains such as Chemical, Polymer, Agrochemical, Oil and gas, Medicinal chemistry, Material science, Textile, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Computer/Software and Electronics. Maitreyee has demonstrated skills in patent research domain to assist the clients in patent portfolio analysis and management, infringement analysis, patent watch, competitor analysis, Invalidity search, prior art search, FTO, landscape, whitespace, and state of art search. She also specializes in IP protection matters, patent drafting, examinations response, attending hearing, and opposition matters for Indian patent offices. She has also executed patent trend analysis, patent drafting, responding to office actions/ISR/ESR for overseas patent Offices (US, EP, AU, CA, BR, IN, WO).

Maitreyee possesses strong qualities for client interaction. She has detailed understanding of Indian patent law and has guided various research teams across the domains to strategize their patent portfolio. Maitreyee has written various insightful articles based on her exhaustive research in IPR field, and also conducted internal and external trainings related to Intellectual property for peers and clients. Maitreyee advises clients on an extensive variety of IPR matters, patent portfolio management, and prosecution matters for the successful grant and enforcement of the patents.

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