Chaitanya Zanpure

Inventor and Partner

Chaitanya Zanpure is a Partner at StratJuris Law Partners, renowned for his extensive expertise in intellectual property (IP) law, particularly in patents. Chaitanya epitomizes excellence in the legal profession, combining his technical expertise with legal acumen to deliver value-driven solutions to clients at StratJuris Law Partners and beyond. With over 13 years of experience and a background in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, He is also a Registered Indian Patent Agent, accredited to practice before the Indian Patent Office.

He brings a unique blend of technical acumen and legal prowess to the table. Chaitanya’s career trajectory includes working within in-house IP cells of R&D centers in major software, mechanical, and automobile companies, as well as collaborating with law firms and IP service providers. This diverse experience allows him to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to clients' needs, leveraging insights from both industry and legal perspectives. With over 50 granted patents and patent applications in his name across the US, EP, IN, and China, Chaitanya is adept at managing patent portfolios and maximizing their value. He is also expert in Design related matters.

He has also honed his problem-solving skills through TRIZ, a creative problem-solving technique, enabling him to collaborate effectively with R&D departments and contribute to innovative solutions.

Chaitanya is committed to raising awareness about intellectual property rights and regularly conducts IP awareness sessions for corporates and educational institutions, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge to protect their innovations effectively.

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