About Priyank Gupta

Priyank Gupta
Partner StratJuris

Patent Attorney (LL.B, B.Tech and Patent Agent)

Priyank is one of the founding Partners at Stratjuris Partners. He has an extensive experience in Patent Drafting and Prosecution of Patents in India and abroad and has worked on IPR Support projects for several Fortune 100 Companies and Top 100 Global IP Law Firms. Priyank has accumulated several years of experience in both corporate in house and law firm environments. He is engaged in managing IP Portfolios of several large Indian companies. Priyank counsels clients on a wide variety of IPR matters, including licensing, prosecution and enforcement strategies for issued patents.

He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology Engineering and further studied European Patent laws from Justus Liebeg University, Germany. He is also a qualified lawyer and registered Patent Agent (IN/PA-1454) with Intellectual Property office, Government of India.

Priyank is a member of:

  • Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa
  • APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association)
  • INTA – International Trademark Association
  • AIPPI- The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

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Vithika Sharma
Partner and Trademark Attorney (LL.M, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, B.Tech)

Vithika is one of the founding Partners and leads the Trademarks Practice at Stratjuris Partners. After completing her B.Tech in Biotechnology she pursued a career in law. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Law (LL.M) in Intellectual Property law from Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.

Abhijeet Gidde
Co-Founder and Partner

Abhijeet is one of the founding Partners at Stratjuris Partners. He has several years of experience in Intellectual Property domain focusing on Patents and trade. He is a Software Engineer and has obtained Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from University of Pune.

Deepak Pawar
Partner and Patent Attorney

Deepak is an expert in drafting Patent Specifications for Electronics, Mechanical, Communication and Computer/Software related Inventions. Deepak has extensive experience in Drafting Patent specifications that qualify Patent Eligibility criterion for major patent offices like US, Europe, China and Japan apart from India.