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About GDPR

The new GDPR Regulation which is mandated to be adopted by May 2018, extends the data rights of individuals, and requires organizations to develop clear policies and procedures to protect personal data and adopt appropriate technical and organizational measures. GDPR builds on the existing EU Data Protection Directive, but will introduce challenges in terms of data processing, security, privacy and access, and breach notification. Failure to comply could result in organizations being fined up to 20 million euros or four percent of annual global turnover – whichever is higher

The challenge

Your organization may be going through different stages of the GDPR adaptation process. Your top management may have just sensitized the topic, your IT team might have suggested technological changes, or your delivery operations guy might have sent you cumbersome forms to disclose information pertaining to several data sets. Whatever the stage might be, you could engage us to pick from where you left OR start afresh leading your way to an effective compliance roadmap.

Solutions at StratJuris
GDPR FullCA at StratJuris

The solution: FullCA

We deploy technical solutions to help conduct regular data audits, streamline, and process data subject requests and remediate violations through a robust incident response plan so that your organisation can demonstrate accountability at each step. FullCA is a Full Compliance and Audit software tool that is designed to work as your virtual data protection officer. Not only is it capable of mapping data across your organisation, it also helps to efficiently conduct data protection impact assessments. Moreover, its friendly interface helps your business to keep track of all processing activities at just a click of a button. The tool also comes with a data breach management system that documents every activity in a defined work flow to help generate a detailed audit trail.

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Niti Paul
Partner (Data Privacy)

Niti has been instrument in carrying out regulatory compliance responsibilities globally. She has extensive experience in advising clients in matters of misappropriation of confidential business information and has assisted clients in conducting privacy impact assessments, security risk assessments, defining data classification norms and laying down comprehensive GDPR compliance procedures.

Priyank Gupta
Partner and Patent Attorney (LL.B, B.Tech and Patent Agent)

Priyank is one the founding Partners at Stratjuris Partners. He has an extensive experience in Patent Drafting and Prosecution of Patents in India and abroad and has worked on IPR Support projects for several Fortune 100 Companies and Top 100 Global IP Law Firms

Vithika Sharma
Partner and Trademark Attorney (LL.M, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, B.Tech)

Vithika is one of the founding Partners and leads the Trademarks Practice at Stratjuris Partners. After completing her B.Tech in Biotechnology she pursued a career in law. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Law (LL.M) in Intellectual Property law from Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.

Abhijeet Gidde
Co-Founder and Partner

Abhijeet is one of the founding Partners at Stratjuris Partners. He has several years of experience in Intellectual Property domain focusing on Patents and trade. He is a Software Engineer and has obtained Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from University of Pune.

Deepak Pawar
Partner and Patent Attorney

Deepak is an expert in drafting Patent Specifications for Electronics, Mechanical, Communication and Computer/Software related Inventions. Deepak has extensive experience in Drafting Patent specifications that qualify Patent Eligibility criterion for major patent offices like US, Europe, China and Japan apart from India.